Sunday, March 2, 2014

Scientific and Contrast Drawing

This is a photo of my work in progress. It does not contain the other turtle and the sand isn't drawn yet. 

1.  To portray the theme of Scientific, I had a few mini themes scattered throughout my project. Life and birth can be thought of as scientific. The turtles in my composition represent this mini theme. The scenario also shows the mini theme 'land versus sea'. The turtles are making their way towards the sea from being hatched. 
2. The mini lessons were not very beneficial to my project because I already was familiar with using charcoal. I have used charcoal to do portraits of people. I did enjoy drawing the sphere and paper bag though. I love drawing detail and that is a key factor when drawing realistic items with charcoal. 
3. I showed contrast in my work with the charcoal on white paper. I also used one of the mini themes, 'land versus sea', to show contrast in the scenery. 
4. I decided to use the charcoal pencils for my composition. I felt most comfortable with using these since I have worked with them on various drawings. I don't like using graphite pencils because they give off a shine on the drawing and it makes it seem realistic. The charcoal has a matte finish to it. Charcoal is easier to work with in my opinion because it blends very smoothly. I do not enjoy pen and ink. I used pen and ink for a project in 8th grade and I haven't mastered the skills for it yet. 
5. Some techniques I used for my composition were shading and blending. These two important techniques help create a realistic feel to the drawing and give it shape and definition.
6. I did not take any risks in this project because I do not enjoy the other mediums. I would not want to spend my time on a project that I didn't want to take part of because I didn't like it. I have used all of the methods in other drawings and charcoal is the one I perfer the most. Also, since I am being graded on how the drawing turned out I would want myself to feel proud of it. 
7. This project was enjoyable because I did get to use charcoal, but it did become tiring after a while. I got bored drawing more than one turtle. I enjoyed drawing the first one and it had a lot of details, but the more I drew these animals the more I got bored with it. I did enjoy shading, that has to be my favorite part of drawing.  I love making things look as realistic as possible. 

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