Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Color Mediums

                                                               Medium Drawings

                                                                             Oil Pastel
                The oil pastel medium was very fun to use, but I found it quite difficult to blend with. When I started this drawing I began at the top of the can with the soda tab. I found this easy to draw and blend, but then I proceeded to draw the rest of the can. As I was coloring the edges with a dark blue and black I realized that it would not blend the way I wanted to. I left that alone and drew the words Coca Cola and I feel confident about those. I used white to help highlight each letter. I then went back to the rest of the can and I found that I was going dark really quickly. Using oil pastels was a challenge for me and I couldn't get it to blend smoothly. I did enjoy using them because the colors were very vibrant and I liked the consistency of the medium.
                                                                     Colored Pencils
                    The colored pencils was the most challenging medium for me to use. I found that my lollipop drawing turned out very patchy and rough. I think the best part of the drawing was the lollipop stick because I was able to blend it and I felt good about the shading. If I were ever to use colored pencils again I would most definitely practice with the blending so the shadows don't look so patchy. I have used Prisma Color pencils before and I found them easy to work with, but using only a white Prisma Color and the rest Crayola was very difficult. They did not work well and I feel if I used all Prisma Color my drawing would have blending better and not look streaky.      
                                                                     Chalk Pastels
                  The chalk pastels medium was the easiest medium for me to use. I enjoyed how soft the pastels were and how they glided on the paper. They were fairly easy to blend with and transition into other colors. The sphere shaped candy was easy to draw with the chalk pastels because of the smoothness of the medium. The only difficult part of the drawing was the wrapper. I had too many white lines popping out of nowhere; they didn't connect to anything. I then switched to the chalk stick instead of the chalk pencils and I then could get the hang of drawing the wrapper. This is the color medium drawing I'm most proud of because of the smoothness.

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